Friday, July 07, 2006

Answer One Question...

Name One 'Man' in all of Human History

that Never wrote one recorded word...

that Never led an army or military victory...

that Never painted a painting...

That so Changed the World, as Jesus Christ?

Just One...?


CP said...

Mark -

I wouldn't dare dream to answer that question any differently than your own conclusion has led you to believe. As you know, I am a Jew. I do not like to say we don't "believe" in Christ because that makes it sound as though your beliefs are inferior to my own. Simply put, my religion doesn't make record of Christ, only a Christ-like Messiah. This is not to say you are wrong. Our bibles simply differ. And, I would be remiss if I didn't add that there is NO one man who changed the world as Jesus Christ did, although our perspectives are different. While I do not believe that he changed things historically, I believe that Jesus Christ plays a role in some of the most important debates that any group, religious or not, can ever speak of. Wars have been waged in the name of Christ and religion, so I would be completely askew to perceive it any differently.

On this matter, I am going to have to agree with you, Mark. I find you to be articulate, generous with your attentiveness and at very least, willing to listen to others...before blasting back about how wrong they are. ;)

You're a very rare breed of Conservative, Mark...and I for one, appreciate it.


Dani said...

Hey Mark -

I just wanted to drop in and say thank you for all of your great comments and for being such a pro-active member in the latest debate about evolution on my blog. I have really enjoyed reading your responses to everyone, especially to that Uber freak. Wonder what he is trying to compensate for?

Anyway - Your comments are always welcome any time, and I strongly encourage sarcasm and mocking the wicked.

Speaking of the wicked...(j/k)

CP - Perhaps if we didn't already have do much bad blood between us we could reason together and have a debate. But something tells me that neither one of us is going to listen to the other, so there is no sense in wasting our time.

It's a good thing you came across Mark at Chester Street - He's one wise fella and you should listen to him.

CP said...

Yes, Dani, thank you for your advice and all. I'm a pretty open minded woman who is genuinely interested in all points of view, even if they don't mesh with my own beliefs.

I came to Mark's site for discussion, because he is willing to listen as well as speak.

I gave up on yours because Mark is doing all your talking for you, so I might as well eliminate the middleman, right?


Mark said...

Thanks! I apprecaite your thoughts! I'll look forward to 'christianizing' you soon..(wink) Oh and thanks for explaining PMP. I should have figured that out since I come from a long line of Bed wetters. lol

My pleasure! I realy like your easy going 'discussions' and nothing pleases me more than spreading 'hate' to some over educated intellictuals with bad attitudes.

Richard Dawkins said...

I'm always at a loss to explain why "intellectuals" or academia are regarded with so much suspicion and disdain within American and British society. The culture within France of according studied respect for "penseurs" and being suspicious of state-sponsored philistinism, in reducing complexities of public debate to a series of simplistic and terrifying alternatives, appears much healthier to me.

Mark said...

clearing throat...

Mr. Dick Dawkins, I am aware you are not indeed the REAL Richard Dawkins, and even if you were Sir, I'd still say the following.

WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU RAMBLING ABOUT? you are an idiot with way too much time on your Godless hands that writes crap disguised as Science!

wheeeh, feel much better thank you Sir for allowing me to vent.

btw Dick, no more references to France on this street will be allowed! are we clear Sir?

highboy said...

The Gospel has been challenged since it was written but when the dust settles, it still stands.

DebraJMSmith said...

Amen, God's Word will never change. He is the same today, yesterday, and forever.

Jesus is Lord God Almighty, The Risen Savior and only way.

Mark said...

thanks Debra! hope you will visit and contibute your insights often!