Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Look What Canada's Same Sex Marriage Laws Have Produced..

Last year, in defiance of public opinion, the government passed a law redefining Marriage to include same-sex couples. This past year the federal, provincial and municipal governments provided St. Stephen’s House in Toronto with funding of $7.8 million.

One of the “educational” projects undertaken by this organization was the production of The Little Black Book – A Book on Healthy Sexuality. This book purports to be a guide to personal and sexual development for teenage girls. In reality, it is a shockingly pornographic and deeply offensive piece of political and cultural propaganda.

The Little Black Book is a virtual ‘how to’ guide for promiscuity, both heterosexual and homosexual. It teaches that only 10 % of the population is heterosexual compared with 10 % who are homosexual. The rest (80 %), according to the so-called guide, are bi-sexual.

The book includes a chapter entitled “My First Time F***ing a Girl and provides explicit instructions on how to perform oral, anal and other sex acts. Those who counsel against such activity, especially parents, are derisively dismissed as bigots. Says one contributor: “A lot of parents are homophobic, and so are their children - until they get minds of their own.”

In addition the book advises: “If you need a figure to represent God The Holiness then for me she’s a fat, black dyke.”

More from WorldNetDaily:

What this statement has to do with healthy emotional and sexual development is beyond us," Ben-Ami said.

He said his concern is that government authorities now are reviewing the guide for its possible uses. In Canada, which legalized same-sex marriage about a year ago, school curricula that refers to a man-and-woman as a couple has to be dropped.

Schools and teachers, he said, therefore are looking for new materials reflecting the change in the law, and he fears this will be chosen.

"Our understanding is that the Manitoba Ministry of Education is currently assessing whether the book is appropriate," he said.

St. Stephen's, the originator of the concept, is being funded this year by three levels of government, city, provincial and federal, with allocations totaling almost $8 million, he said.

...Modern society, he said, appears to be implementing "bad social policy" almost in principle as a badge of not being religious.

"'The Little Black Book' is one of the most obscene and irresponsible 'educational' books we have come across," said the institute. "Canadians from all walks of life need to take action now to ensure that children are not exposed to its harmful influence."

...Reminding readers that it's intended for fairly young girls, it honors the 40th anniversary of the Barbie doll with a list of recommendations for the occasion.

Those include "Shave her head and give her a nose ring," "Have Barbie marry another Barbie," "Have her take part in an orgy," and "Give her leather bondage gear, a whip and chains."

It also lists "Fun alternatives to intercourse: Petting, Cyber sex, phone sex, kissing, making out, blowjob" and others.

It also offers tips about having sex that "help you make the jump and land with a smile."
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highboy said...

The interesting thing about this is that the majority of the people up here hate the same sex marriage institution. Its the biggest reason Harper was voted in.

Decor Plush said...

queer marriage will never happen in the United states.
The canadian little black book is disgusting as they try to teach that most people are bisexual.
And queers wonder why conservatives are against this sort of thing?

Dane Bramage said...

Give it time and it will be here. New York City health officals are reporting that 10% of straight men ONLY have sex with other men. So more and more they try to make the gay life style not only mainstream but normal and practiced by straight men. Its the End Times. When good is bad and bad is good.

Josiah said...

The 10 percent idea was Kinsey. They just misquoted it. I truthfully doubt world book actually checked though. They are more of a propoganda site then even you are Mark, they just dont like to admit it.

In the same sense, realize it says it's being "considered" for public schools. Yeah, fat chance. The government will drop that organization faster than the radio dropped Brook Valentine.

Josiah said...

I meant world news daily. World book is an encyclopedia I was paging through when I was typing this. Just a misplaced thought. >.>

Josiah said...

Oh, and Damage, if men have sex with only other men, that might be a hint that they aren't straight. What you wrote must be one of the oddest ideas I have ever heard. Gay men are not trying to force straight men to have gay sex. Where the crap are you getting these things?

Mark said...

Chase aka josiah,
You are an arrogant 17 year old. Your comments are repetitive in nature and quite frankly getting old.

What you wrote must be one of the oddest ideas I have ever heard

What he wrote are the results of a NY study! You know, studies you like to call fact.

Where the crap are you getting these things?

The state of New York Health officials ring a bell with you?

Bill Garnett said...

Which side here doesn't want to have a civil discussion?

Visiting this site is akin to watching cats fight.

If you are smart enough to have intelligent discourse, you might also be smart enough to know that being civil and courteous (and truthful) is a tenant of reasoned debate.

Here is a LINK to expert facts and opinion on both sides of the divide.

Mature debate is part of our civilized tradition; catfights are just childish.

highboy said...

"The government will drop that organization faster than the radio dropped Brook Valentine."

Excellant joke sir!

DL Foster said...

"Visiting this site is akin to watching cats fight."

[deep breath]
Bill, maybe it says something about you to want to watch such a "catfight" as you have in your most exalted intelligence have deemed it.
Perhaps you should consider that angle.

I think Mark has a great blog and it reflects his personality, not your Miss Manner's civility rules du jour. Who wants to go to some siddity blog where its all about how "mature" and highly educated you can pretend to be? Furthermore, why can't you just do as the Romans do? I think Chester Street lively and interesting, oh thou most mature.

Just get with the program and enjoy it.

highboy said...

You know, it occured to me what a shining example Canada is for all of us. They have nation wide same sex marriage, (for now)one of the highest rates of abortion, and Ontario is in the top ten for highest rates of suicide in the world. So those that can have babies are either killing them or are screwing other guys, and those that aren't are killing themselves. No wonder most of Canada is a barren iceberg.

Dane Bramage said...

My bad. I should have sited the source of my Nearly 10 Percent Of "Straight" NYC Men Only Have Sex With Men comment. Enjoy.

Bill Garnett said...

Or Highboy, how about The Netherlands which is rumored to embrace gay marriage and even tolerates recreational drugs.

We have 13 times as many convicted adults admitted to prison per 100,000 population, as does The Netherlands.

If you pick and choose your “facts” you can make many a different, even contrary, argument.

That is why Socratic debate, reasonable debate around facts and logic, by open-minded and unbiased men is how we progress.

. . . and dl foster – I love lively debate. And to ignore irresponsible assertions, mean-spirited attacts, false statements, or beliefs submitted as fact, would be to encourage this. Do you propose encouraging these debate tactics?

Josiah said...

Brane Damage "Straight" does not mean straight. "Straight" means closet gay. Which just means there are alot of gay men living in New York City.

Mark, you sure like to insult people, don't you?

Apron said...

Would you damn queers just go striaght and we wouldnt have to debate all the time.

Josiah said...

Me going straight has about as much chance as you learning to use correct spelling and grammer, apron. Which, is, by the way, completely impossible. >.>

Apron said...

Joshia, Again, its "grammar", not grammer! you moron lol

highboy said...

"Or Highboy, how about The Netherlands which is rumored to embrace gay marriage and even tolerates recreational drugs."

And they are as globally insignificant as Canada, so sorry, no great inducement.

Josiah, Apron, settle down.

" Which just means there are alot of gay men living in New York City."

I believe that.

Bill Garnett said...

As some so-called Christians posting on this blog have contended that homosexuality is a choice, I thought now would be a good time to post this quote from James Dobson, whom I'm sure you respect:

Dobson does not believe that homosexuals choose their orientation. He states in his book, Bringing Up Boys, "Homosexuals deeply resent being told that they selected this same-sex inclination in pursuit of sexual excitement or some other motive. It is unfair, and I don't blame them for being irritated by that assumption. Who among us would knowingly choose a path that would result in alienation from family, rejection by friends, disdain from the heterosexual world, exposure to sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS and tuberculosis, and even a shorter lifespan? No, homosexuality is not 'chosen' except in rare circumstances. Instead, bewildered children and adolescents find themselves dealing with something they don't even understand." (Bringing Up Boys, Dr. James Dobson, Focus on the Family 2003, p. 115-116).

Apron said...

Is a fetish a choice? Is Peophilia a choice? Supposedly, peophiles cant be cured, which means they dont have a choice in this.

Josiah said...

Pedophillia is often caused by childhood trauma or lack of affection as a child. It's often caused when a child is forced to skip a developmental state, or is introduced to sex too soon. It's not that they can't be cured, it's just that they have a very widespread damage to their psyche, with pedophilia being more of a symptom of the actual disease than the disease itself. You can probably cure pedophilia, but your going to really have to change that person around. Homosexuality has not been found to have any specific enviromental causes, most likely becaus of biological factors, that may be triggered in or out of the mother's womb by a variety of extremely dificult to measure variables. That, and it's not considered a disorder.

As for fetishism, I'm supposing therapy could actually cure it faster than some other disorders, though I haven't really seen any reports in even trying to. Either no one cares to try, or it's easily curable to begin with. That, and while I don't agree withh many forms of fetishism, like beastiality and the like, in the rare case that a man and his wife both like to..say...pour baked beans on each other before having sex, I don't particularly see anything sinful about it, though it does sound quite gross. >.>

DebraJMSmith said...
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Josiah said...

Because many of these males have wives or girlfriends. The majority of pedophiles who are attracted to males are only attracted to male children, not actual men.