Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Kwanzaa lie

This particular 'holiday' topic was recently brought up in my home this past week. My quick response was along the lines.. "it ain't a holiday we celebrate, it's some day pulled out of the ass of a racist liberal black man in CA back in the 60's!" I covered all the things that should have been key words, the 1960's, liberal, racist, and California, to end the discussion. I threw in ass for effect, and do it again here.

Obviously I could have used some help. Well, Independent Conservative comes to my rescue with an awesome post and link that explains this Kwanzaa dielimizaa. Thank you brother!

Despite the fact that ignorant blacks spend countless hours in church every week, they still feel obligated to celebrate this nonsense. Virtually nothing presents a clearer case of blindly following others for NO LOGICAL REASON than their unyielding support of this fake holiday, Kwanzaa.