Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Kwanzaa lie

This particular 'holiday' topic was recently brought up in my home this past week. My quick response was along the lines.. "it ain't a holiday we celebrate, it's some day pulled out of the ass of a racist liberal black man in CA back in the 60's!" I covered all the things that should have been key words, the 1960's, liberal, racist, and California, to end the discussion. I threw in ass for effect, and do it again here.

Obviously I could have used some help. Well, Independent Conservative comes to my rescue with an awesome post and link that explains this Kwanzaa dielimizaa. Thank you brother!

Despite the fact that ignorant blacks spend countless hours in church every week, they still feel obligated to celebrate this nonsense. Virtually nothing presents a clearer case of blindly following others for NO LOGICAL REASON than their unyielding support of this fake holiday, Kwanzaa.


Joe Brummer said...

Wow, your respect for other people holidays while you demand people observe yours is utterly amazing to me. Perhaps next you can attack the winter solstice, Rammadan, and the birth of the buddha while you demand that people say Merry Christmas instead of Happy rammachanuskanmas.

The way to get respect is to give respect. Try it!

Mark said...

You seem to be under the delusion I must respect everything and everybody.

I demand no one celebrate or 'observe' mine. If a merchant wants my money in exchange for Christmas gifts, then they will not have a policy against saying Merry Christmas, peroid.

Anonymous said...

I went to the link and read the entire post and I agree with the author entirely. This does not make me a racist. This does not make be a bigot.This is not hate. This is my freedom of speech and I will use my freedom to say what I think. I wish people who disagree with you would at least respect the fact that you are entitled to your own opinion. If they don't like you, why do they keep commenting?

Kevin said...

I don't really see the difference between how Kwanzaa got started as compared to how Christmas got started. Of course, Kwanzaa is not a religious holiday, as opposed to Christmas. But Dec. 25 was not celebrated as the birthday of Christ until the 4th century. Before that it wasn't an issue, nor was it a special day except to the pagans, who celebrated Dec. 25 as the Day of the Invincible Sun. So it wasn't important to the early Christians, and certainly not as important as it is now (and now it is mostly an economic holiday rather than a religious one).

Right wing--I do totally respect Mark for his opinion, and I do like him even though we disagree on most things. I keep commenting because I want to make sure he has all the facts. And no, I do not expect him to believe everything I say, any more than I believe everything that he says.

Mark said...

I don't really see the difference between how Kwanzaa got started as compared to how Christmas got started.

One is based on the birth of Jesus Christ.

The other is ...all about Blacks having faith in Blacks and Blacks alone. It is based in Karenga’s faith that Blacks build their own separate Black Communist Utopia.

Time said...

Anyone, including Mark, is free to say whatever they want.

That does not mean that what they say is right. That does not mean that what they say cannot be hate speech.

This is hate speech.

Could it have been said without the ugly words of personal attack?

If Mark agrees with it, and according to his comment he does, then Mark can be accused of fostering hate speech.

What's the surprise, Mark posts hate speech all the time. Either his or someone elses.

Anonymous said...


I appreciate your comment.

Kevin said...

Yes Mark, I know that Christmas is about the birth of Christ. My point was that the holiday was planned by men (like Kwanzaa was)--it was not an automatic religious holiday until the fourth century, and I was comparing it with how Kwanzaa got its start.

Mark said...

All holidays are planned by men. I take issue only with the why and for what purpose.

Do you think you can define hate speech for me, and then tell us how you would prevent us/me from speaking hate speech?

When Jesus and John the Baptist called people vipers, was that hate speech? Was it hate speech when John the Baptist and Jesus Christ told people to repent or they will go to hell, hate speech?

Josiah said...

So are you saying celebrating African heritage isn't a holiday? What is it then, a weekend with food and decorations?