Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Padres are out and proud

From FRC:
This past Sunday, at the San Diego Padres baseball game, what was advertised as a "Free Floppy Hat Night" for kids under 14 turned out to be a double play. While the Padres management was enticing families with the giveaway for kids, it was also promoting the evening as a Gay Pride night at the ballpark. Children who received free hats were treated to the Gay Man's Chorus of San Diego singing the national anthem prior to what one homosexual group billed as "Out at the Park with the San Diego Padres."The San Diego Padres organization should be ashamed that they would promote such an event on a night they specifically designed for the family. On this curveball of an evening, the Padres struck out.


Christinewjc said...

O'Reilly talking points memo tonight. It's on now...going to listen!

Robert Bayn said...

I guess every night of the year, Gays are banned from the Ball Park, so they need their special night!

The Padres have no "pride" to do both of these events on the same night.

Josiah said...

So the ballpark had a surplus of floppy hats, and happened to give them away the same night they had the gay men's chorus singing "The National Anthem." So what? Were there men in drag or something? Even the article mentioned that aside from a few gays making out in the stands, and even he said that this was the minority (though he worried about straight families intermingling with gay people, like homosexuality is something you catch airborne. annoyed me just a bit >.>), the night was no different than any other night. It's not like a group gay men singing the official song of the United States is suddenly going to influence all the children into the "homosexual lifestyle: you always seem to worry about (a lot, apparently...the large majority of your current articles seem to obsess over it).