Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A prideless parade

Kevin says / post ...but I am proud that I have overcome the mess that people like Mark create and am proud that I can counter some of their hate.

Nelson G.
I've been following ~Deb for quite some time, myself; I'd really like to know why it is she feels the need to seek acceptance from those people

That was my thought as well. It is fine to try and be friendly with them, but seeking acceptance is something else. July 03 7:09 AM

Interesting exchange. I will admit I have always maintained a respectful dialogue with Kevin. I guess being friendly is the goal, not being accepted. That begs the question, why would anyone else accept him? Is that not the whole point of a "gay pride" parade?

Hypocrites speak about "love" and "tolerance" witnessing in silence the fruits of such, death and destruction, both body and soul.

Kevin writes about a woman who who smiled at him.
"I still think about the last march I attended in July here in S.F. A busload of parents from PFLAG went by on a tractor-trailer and an elderly woman caught my eye and smiled. I still feel shivers when I think of her and I just wanted to run up and hug her and thank her from the bottom of my heart for loving her children and in a way, loving me. "

What most people who have a world view supporting a 'gay' out and proud mentality, who by the way have no interest in seeking acceptance, have in common; an unhealthy dose of narcissism.

Kevin is touched by a smile, a gesture of acceptance and what he call's love. That is all well and fine. What a narcissistic world view will do however, is take that love and acceptance and project it solely on themselves. No where will those who live under a different headship, i.e.Christ, project a sense of pride in anything they do. It is all of God that is good. Living under the headship of Christ brings humility and a servants attitude. Standing in the middle of hate and risking one's own well being to spread the Good News of Christ on the cross. I want people to accept me, but I want God to accept me first. God first, me last. Something a 'gay pride' fest will never speak, nor will a theology or world view that celebrates any sexual acts outside one man and woman in marriage.

A world view of Love that is not something to die to yourself for, is no Godly love at all. Humility is proof of God's love.

Lastly, the next time you think pride is good thing, remember our almighty holy God lowered Himself and came to earth as a man. He got on His knees and washed the feet of sinful men, even the man who betrayed Him. That is incredible indescribable love!

You will not find that at any "pride" parade!

“Let us not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth” (1 John 3:18).


~Deb said...


Here’s something we can agree upon. People, (my people) the gays and lesbians, get upset with me when I tell them that I’m against the Gay Pride Marches. If the bulk of the people were out there in a civil manner, not displaying their breasts and engaging in sexual behavior, I would have no problem with it. But there are a few.

1. The word pride. It’s negative. Plain and simple. God tells us to humble ourselves and get rid of the pride.

2. The explicit sexual activities that take place. It really does make those monogamous couples who are serious about their lives, look like complete perverts. I encountered two men going down one another’s pants on a truck in one of those parades. It was awful.

3. They’re so desperate for acceptance, when they act barbaric and perverted in broad daylight.

I totally believe this is one of the main reasons why people look down on gays and lesbians. In parades and other big events, their the face of the rest of us. It’s up to them, whether or not they want to display a positive image, or a negative one.

Kevin gets upset when I oppose anything that has to deal with the gays and lesbians. Keep it in your pants and stop making us look bad. And I speak for the portion of people (gays & lesbians) who have this problem. And it is a problem, because there are children who witness this as well.

I speak for those types.

Nelson G. had emailed me and said, “I'm not sure which one of you is worse: Those ex-gays you pal around with or gays for Jesus freaks such as yourself.”

Although I believe that homosexuality isn’t a sin, I believe the act of promiscuity is. I also believe that Jesus has washed us clean, and has forgiven those who have gone down the wrong path. I speak for heterosexuals and homosexuals. We're all flawed.

And yes Kevin, I'm happy that you called me a Jesus freak. Do you think I would get insulted?

~Deb said...

(Excuse my error, I mean that to be for Nelson G. who had emailed me about being a Jesus freak. my error!)

Kevin said...

Deb--In some of my favorite words of Mark--"Are you smoking crack?" Where on earth have I ever, ever called ANYONE a Jesus Freak? You point it out to me Deb. And I will eat those words. Otherwise, you had better apologize. You might get off calling other people names, but I certainly don't.

"Keep it in your pants and stop making us look bad"? Lay off the sniping comments. You have no idea what you are talking about. If you think you look bad, then that is a self-esteem issue. You think you saw two guys having sex in a parade--why don't you give me some facts of which parade you went to. I'll find out if others complained or saw what you did. I'll await to hear.

And Mark--yes, the goal is friendship, which I think we have. I am not seeking your acceptance--that is exactly what I said. Don't make it more than it is. I am not Christian, so I don't need to worry about sin and hell and all the rest and all your other religious comments. I am happy that you believe what you do. You know that. But it is your belief. I am happy what I believe as well. I don't seek your acceptance any more than you seek mine. Frankly, I don't need your acceptance. I grew out of needing anyone's acceptance quite a while ago.

Anonymous said...

Gay Pride marches present a stigma for the gay community, that makes them look bad. While I do believe that the homosexual act is sin, most people who see themselves as Homosexual, act normal, and unless you were in their bedroom, you would never know, these parades often present a image of the Homosexual community, that is far from what real homosexuals are like, not to say some do not act in such a way, but it is not a true look into the homosexual community, as some might argue.

Mark said...

my brother Rob,
I do disagree. Are all people like that? no. However I believe the fruits of accepted sin is the fruit we both find offensive at these so called pride parades. Satan is never happy with a little scratch and tickle, he will move people beyond that eventually and blow jobs on a parade float will be next. When enough by standers see it and are not offended, satan is winning their hearts and minds.

Mark said...

Deb please make a note of how you and Kevin think alike:
I am happy that you believe what you do. You know that. But it is your belief. I am happy what I believe as well.

One God, One truth. Both of you deny this, one is a self professed Christain, the other is not. As the Christain, that should make you shudder in fear.

Anonymous said...

Mark, All I will say is what one See's at these Parades is not a authentic look into the homosexual community, you can disagree that is fine. To some extent these pride things, look to push the envelope, and we do agree it is a example of a morally decaying society, when something of this nature is accepted.

Mark said...

at these Parades is not a authentic look into the homosexual community,

Perhaps Rob, but could it not also be an "authentic" look into unbridled sin, the celebration of sin, the evidence of things to come when God's authority is replaced by human desire?

I guess I am not sure of what is ment by a homosexual community. ? I look at it as those who embrace, celebrate, and desire acceptance of a sexual behavior / act that is against God's word and secondly physically and spiritually destructive. It is a 'community' that wants the foundation of the traditional family destroyed. The very foundation that is the cornerstone for any society. It is the same 'community' that will make right and wrong obsolete and nothing more than a matter of opinion. The same 'community' that believes two dads is as good as a Mother and Father. A 'community' that wants a relative understanding of sexuality to replace any absolute or Godly understanding. A 'community' that reaches far beyond freedom to work, live, and privacy. In fact, one need not have same sex attractions to even be apart of this 'community'. Morality is an opinion, not truth in this 'community'. I want nothing to do with that kind of 'community' if I can help it. The truth is absolute. The truth is in God's word. If the truth conforms to reality, then Christ certainly did just that!

"See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ," (Col. 2:8).

"I am the way, the truth, and the life..." (John 14:6).

Dani said...

GROSS! My hubby went down to the Dirty Denver's Pervert Pride Parade this year to protest and it was quite revolting to say the least. He got some great footage, made a video and did a radio show on the event which will be posted on my blog soon.

Nice of you to keep up the battle against sin and perversion. God bless you, brother!

*Just for fun - Check this out => NEW & Improved Version of the Bible - It's a Softer, Gentler, and Completely Compatible version for queer theologians like Deb. - LOL!

Anonymous said...

Mark, you offer a great point, a point I really agree with, the future of America without God, is exactly what we see in these pride events, a better example is what you see in places like Amsterdam, where sex, prostitution and drugs are good things, and where faith and religion are bad things.

When I say community, I mean the majority of those who call themselves Homosexual and how they live at home, and everyday life, it's a segment of society, thats not going away. All we can do is Pray for them, reach out to them, witness to them, show them, that their is a better way to live.

Mark said...

All we can do is Pray for them, reach out to them, witness to them, show them, that their is a better way to live.

Amen bro!

Josiah said...

A large amount of the community really can't stand pride parades. Some have been able to retain some dignity, but for the most part organizers are fine with the wierdos in the group acting like little horndogs as long as they draw a crowd. I like the idea of a pride parade, it even meant something decades ago, but I feel, like so many public events, that it has stopped working to bring people together and instead worked to bring as much as a crowd in as possible. This may be a showing on the moral decay of society, but not in the way Mark thinks it. This is a story as old as Rome, one where bread and circuses has replaced actual content.

Deb, I myself was split abut the use of the word pride, but I have come to understand it in a way in which I could understand it. I am, in no way, proud that I'm gay, any more than someone would be proud to be straight. I am however, proud of what I have had to do because of this. I'm proud that I have the strength to get up in the morning knowing full well I will receive snide remarks in the hallway, knowing that the future of any relationship I enter has become fodder for politics, knowing that, no matter where I go, I will be in a place that largely looks down on who I love. There is a pride any gay person should feel that they kept true to their identity despite pressures from the world. A pride, in this sense, is no more sinful than being proud of your job, your child, a piece of art you created, etc.