Friday, August 17, 2007

When a 5 year old is the hostage of the 'homosexual rights' crowd

Source: 8-15-2007, CWFA update on the Lisa Miller case:

Virginia resident Lisa Miller, mother of five-year-old Isabella Miller, was involved in the homosexual lifestyle for a short time. She is now a born-again Christian. Lisa has provided a stirring update about the August 3, 2007, Vermont court hearing to determine whether she should lose custody of her daughter to Janet Jenkins, Lisa’s former lesbian partner. Jenkins, a woman entirely unrelated to Isabella, has argued that Lisa is an unfit parent due to her Christian faith. The court has ordered that Jenkins have visitation with Isabella. The last visitation session was for an entire week.

Concerned Women for America (CWA) has also learned that Lisa’s attorneys, with Virginia-based Liberty Counsel, will have 10 minutes before the Virginia Supreme Court on August 29 at 3:00 p.m. to try to convince the court to intervene on behalf of Lisa and Isabella. Please pray that the court will enforce both Virginia’s marriage protection laws and the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and put a stop to this madness once and for all.

In Lisa Miller's own words she asks for prayer!

Please also pray for the Virginia courts to rule in our favor. As I write to you the Virginia Supreme Court has my case on their desk along with a plea to expedite hearing my case. Virginia needs to rule in favor of her laws which are for marriage between one man and one woman including not recognizing any civil unions or any contractual agreements arising out of a civil union. Virginia has ignored her laws and has allowed the importation of Vermont’s civil union law into her state. Consequently, a five year old is being held hostage.

I know God is in control. I know there is a plan and purpose for this week. I do ask that you keep Isabella in your prayers and that God's will be done in this situation. Please also keep Janet in your prayers for her salvation. Thank you for your prayers.

Joyfully Serving Christ,


Friday, August 10, 2007

When the bishops mock Christ

Source: Virginia Episcopalian, July 2007, Volume 116, Number 4, page 6.

Asked to explain her belief about the “uniqueness of Jesus” for salvation, Bishop Jefferts Schori said that Jesus died both for the salvation of individuals and “for the salvation of the world.” The difficulty, she said, is that she does not know the “mechanism” by which God saves the whole world. Given that lack of knowledge, it would be “idolatry” for her to say how God deals with those “who don’t profess to be Christians.” For the Presiding Bishop, it is more important to begin with the mystery of God, and what we admit we cannot say for certain about that mystery, than what we think we can affirm about God. After two hours, and no more questions, a conversation notable for its honesty and graciousness was finished.

Well isn't this special, there is no Hell. Christ's work on the cross saves all people, including those "who don't profess to be Christians". To suggest otherwise would be "idolatry" according to the Bishop. Instead of beginning with what she calls the 'mystery' of God and starting there, she should start with the word of God and what He does teach us. That way she would not have to make stuff up as she goes along. She desires all people to go to heaven, so it must be true. She just dosen't know how or what 'mechanism' is used in this fairy tale of her own making. Perhaps starting with the real truth in God's holy word would be too uncomfortable for someone more interested in bringing glory to the flesh and not God.

Jefferts-Schori says she views salvation as the healing of all Creation through holy living. "I understand salvation as being about the healing of the whole creation. Your part and my part in that is about holy living," she offered. "As Christians we understand [salvation] as relationship with God in Jesus, but that does not mean that we're expected to judge other people's own commitments."

Salvation is ..."the healing of all creation through holy living"?

Ephesians 2: 8 For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God;
9 not as a result of works, so that no one may boast.

Romans 4: 2 For if Abraham was justified by works, he has something to boast about, but not before God.

Is there any among us who live holy and righteous before our most Holy God? The answer is no, not one. Without Christ you are dead. Secondly if her absurd premise is true, (healing all of creation) why did God require animal sacrifices? and our Lord Jesus Christ being the Final sacrifice for sin?

In John 14:6, Jesus -- in responding to a question posed by the disciple Thomas -- said: "I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me." But Jefferts-Schori says she disagrees with the idea that salvation comes only through trusting in Jesus Christ. "It's this sense that one person can have the fullness of truth in him or herself, rather than understanding that truth is -- like God -- more than any one person can encompass," stated the soon-to-be ECUSA leader.

She disagrees with the word of God and says our truths come from within. Sounds like an immature teenager to me, not a mature follower of Christ. Unfortunately she has made herself the image of God and remains anti-Christ, no matter how much authority men have given her.

Monday, August 06, 2007

When the Seminaries have no interest in scriptural truth

"[N]o matter how good [theologian Dr. Robert Gagnon's] arguments are, the conclusions he comes to are patently bigoted, so I reject them regardless of what apparent veracity they may have. Frankly, if Jesus Christ pried open the skies and leaned down into my living room right now and said 'Doug, it is a sin to be homosexual,' I'd say 'Okay Jesus, that makes things simple—I'm not Christian anymore. Now go away.'"

- San Francisco Theological Seminary (PCUSA) student Doug Hagler, objecting to Pittsburgh Theological Seminary professor Robert Gagnon's arguments against the compatibility of homosexual behavior with Christian practice.

Dr. Gagnon's web site. Well worth the visit!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

The apostate and false teachers

What is a fasle teacher and how do you spot them? Here is one among many.

They are false teachers among us. They have no actual reverence for God. They turn the grace of God into 'lewdness' (Jude v. 4) They teach Christ on the Cross is a license for immoral conduct. They talk a great deal about grace and liberty, but they themselves a remain slaves of corruption. They are more interested in how they feel and what works, rather than what is true and what is right. Which is a common theme in many evangelical churches today. The false teachers are indeed among us and drawing many away from salvation. The grace of Christ becomes nothing more than a smoke screen and a way for them to justify their own lust driven conduct. They wilfully and knowingly use christian liberty to continue in lawlessness and entertain the opportunities for their flesh. See (Galatians 5:13 and 1 peter 2:16)

I am not talking about little theological differences either, although they may want to claim such. These men and women are in fact ungodly, seriously ungodly and they have always been in the church, the body of Christ.

Their first goal: Undermined God's Sovereignty. Take the word of God and tweak it to fit their worldly lusts. This tweaking is not differences between believers over small matters! We must remember that no one invented or even discovered the Christan faith. In fact it was delivered to us, the holy, complete, and final word of God found in scripture. Our duty is to defend that truth, just as the prophets and apostles did, even if it cost us our lives. That battle is in the mind. It is a very serious war people. The struggle will determine your eternal fate, heaven or hell. This is no time for docile happy go lucky 'can't we set aside our differences and just love one another' compromises. This is the time to proclaim the word of God with complete clarity and authority.

The very essence of all apostasy "The fear of Me is not in you" (Jeremiah 2:19). Many will know the truth and reject it. Jesus was surrounded by many that saw His miracles and teachings of truth, and walked away from Him. The utter clarity of Christ's teachings pierced them like a sword because they loved the flesh and the darkness, and walked away.

Our only worthy weapon is the word of God. It is the absolute authority and holds perfect sufficiency in making mature discerning decisions on what is true and what is false, what is good and what is evil. Anyone who hears and then denies the truth is an apostate. No genuine believer can ever fall away (1 John 2:19 and John 10:28-29)!

These people are not true believers. Obedience and submission to Christ is not evident in their word or deed. They remain lost and lovers of darkness and only the truth can liberate them. The truth of scripture, the absolute clarity of God's revealed word. Resist that, and you will remain ungodly and unsaved by Christ. Compromising God's word and false teachings are nothing new. Christ warned us before hand in Mark 13:23. We must rise up and defend God's word. We must restore order in the church and have zero tolerance for Apostates and those who corrupt scripture .

Highly Recommend John MacArthur's The Truth War!

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