Friday, August 17, 2007

When a 5 year old is the hostage of the 'homosexual rights' crowd

Source: 8-15-2007, CWFA update on the Lisa Miller case:

Virginia resident Lisa Miller, mother of five-year-old Isabella Miller, was involved in the homosexual lifestyle for a short time. She is now a born-again Christian. Lisa has provided a stirring update about the August 3, 2007, Vermont court hearing to determine whether she should lose custody of her daughter to Janet Jenkins, Lisa’s former lesbian partner. Jenkins, a woman entirely unrelated to Isabella, has argued that Lisa is an unfit parent due to her Christian faith. The court has ordered that Jenkins have visitation with Isabella. The last visitation session was for an entire week.

Concerned Women for America (CWA) has also learned that Lisa’s attorneys, with Virginia-based Liberty Counsel, will have 10 minutes before the Virginia Supreme Court on August 29 at 3:00 p.m. to try to convince the court to intervene on behalf of Lisa and Isabella. Please pray that the court will enforce both Virginia’s marriage protection laws and the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and put a stop to this madness once and for all.

In Lisa Miller's own words she asks for prayer!

Please also pray for the Virginia courts to rule in our favor. As I write to you the Virginia Supreme Court has my case on their desk along with a plea to expedite hearing my case. Virginia needs to rule in favor of her laws which are for marriage between one man and one woman including not recognizing any civil unions or any contractual agreements arising out of a civil union. Virginia has ignored her laws and has allowed the importation of Vermont’s civil union law into her state. Consequently, a five year old is being held hostage.

I know God is in control. I know there is a plan and purpose for this week. I do ask that you keep Isabella in your prayers and that God's will be done in this situation. Please also keep Janet in your prayers for her salvation. Thank you for your prayers.

Joyfully Serving Christ,



Jaded said...

In an effort to be "politically correct," this court is doing such damage to this young girl. A 5 year old is still a baby. Since when does an ex boyfriend or girlfriend have any right to visit the child of their former partner? This wouldn't have even made it to court if Lisa's ex was a man. But because the court system is trying to show that they are "impartial" based on sexual orientation, they will destroy this child by potentially taking her from her mother. How is this even possible? And the idea that the woman is unfit because she is Christian, implying that the other woman is more fit because she's not, makes me sick sick sick!

Mark said...

I feel the exact same way as you.

I, and many others, have been sounding the alarm for quite some time: The gay rights crowd isn't seeking equal rights, they have that already as do all US citizens. They seek to destroy any and all foundations that make up the traditional family, period! The very foundation that is the cornerstone for any society.

Now the courts and legistalive bodies are afraid or simply agree with them. I thank God VA voted to amend her constution on Marriage. Now a little 5 year old and her mother await for her to uphold it. Here in VA this is where the rubber meets the road on this issue.

If the federal US amendment on Marriage is not added to our US Constitution, this case is only the begining.

btw, Civi Unions is nothing more than a bag of crap a teenager could enter into and out of like a revolving door. Vote with God's wisdom next year.

Anonymous said...

The question I have, were they ever Married? That sort of changes things, and what is in the court case it self for the reason why the Mother is unfit, obviously saying she is a Christian is no reason to say someone is unfit, I can't imagine any lawyer really thinking that is a real lawsuit.

Jaded said...

I think this issue is less about a marriage ammendment and more about freedom of religion. Even if an ammendment is added which states that marriage is legally between a man and a woman, that would not stop the ramifications of this particular court case. In the future, if the ex-girlfriend wins ANYthing in this case, the court is saying that she's more fit than the mother because she's NOT Christian. This will lead to many, many problems for Christians because it will be inherently implied that Christians are unfit parents, and that only those who aren't Christian can be fit to raise children. How do we have freedom of religion if we can't teach our faith to our children without fear of losing them due to "political correctness?" And it won't stop with Christians, either. It will be all people who practice any form of faith will be considered, even covertly, as unfit parents. This could create a very hostile environment for ALL religions, starting with Christianity.

So, while I understand what you are saying about a marriage ammendment, I think that's not the issue. The issues is an even greater attack on Christianity, and all religion.

Mark said...

I want you to think about something very important, ok?

What is and who defines the word religion?

Religion is nothing but a set of beliefs, some of those beliefs are myths some are not. Some beliefs are right and some are wrong. Some are based on a Godless worldview and some are not.

Religion is indeed nothing more that a worldview, a set of beliefs right or wrong. Pure and simple. Think about that and I think you'll realize this has little to do with freedom of religion or beliefs and much more to do with one's worldview, right or wrong.

If that worldview is without God and absolutes, the end result is ?? I a Christian, or not? and why?

Anyone can be the avergae 125,478 books of the "bible" christian and walk boldly where no man has gone before. :) A true Christian has the foundation, proof, clarity, reason, authority of scripture. The perfect word of God, perfect worldview, perfect foundation for all human matters. Man need not be perfect himself to realize such. We should be free to choose, and thankfully our founding fathers knew as much, and based our laws around absolutes and a God fearing worldview, eh?
Read (Matthew 7:24-29)

Faith in something, always has a premise, that premise always relies on some type of reality and yet will always be used as "proof". Even those who say you are wrong about God because you have no proof, only have a premise. They only have a worldview, their own religion.

We are Christians, because we start off with the fear of God worlview and Christ being God in flesh, nothing elese. How blessed we are He chose us to see that! Our worldview starts with that, any other worldview results in choas like this story of a 5 year old.

Hope this makes sense.

God bless!