Friday, November 16, 2007

Gay theology & Cults

Source: GCMW

Gay church theology ranks among the most egregious forms of biblical errancy confronting the Christian church today. Its two-sided operationality encompasses all aspects of its evil desires. Side A is an intoxicating mix of feel good philosophy, promises of safety, well placed cultural platitudes, and a religious veneer bathed in the coating of false love. This is the gay christian movement’s public face. Side B, the one intentionally hidden from public view, is an agressive mix of pride, arrogance, vulgarity, vengeance, and lust. This is the gay christian movement’s private face.

Many Christians coming in contact with gay theology are unsuspecting of its deceitful web because personal biblical study isn’t being stressed in Christian churches. Gay theology, with its broad declarations of “radical inclusion” and “loving acceptance” of all people is seductive to the many hurt and wounded walking in the religious realm. It sounds good to the ear and appeals to the carnal man. Its the same tactic used against Eve in the garden.

Satan’s intent is not to frighten man, but rather seduce him with things and words and which appear on the surface beautiful, welcoming and harmless. This is why the gay christian movement hates the tough language the bible uses to battle sin. They avoid it at all costs, while instead focusing on broad issues of love minus moral restrictions.

Scripture Twisting Methods of the Cults

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Chilerkle said...

They worship pleasure rather than God.
Then again Gays aren't the only ones guilty of loving pleasure rather than God. Plenty of People would rather live a life of pleasure without judgement.

However God's word on things is final and no amount of whining and nitpicking is going to change that!