Friday, November 02, 2007

"Gays" imposing their false religion on all

Source; Bold mine.

[My] understanding is that the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment was intended to prevent the establishment of a state religion, not to prevent religious values from informing political decisions. Since people from many religious faiths and no religious faith have long agreed upon the essential place of sexual complementarity in the nurturance of the next generation, laws that reflect those convictions hardly seem a violation of the Establishment Clause. One could argue that those who attend houses of worship that support legalized same-sex unions are similarly attempting to enshrine in law their religious beliefs.

The idea of a separation of church and state no longer points to the importance of protecting religious freedom from the intrusive power of the state but instead refers to coercively eradicating religious expression from the public square. Only secularism, a worldview as shaped by myopic, dogmatic, unproved assumptions (as some argue religious views are), will be tolerated.

Illegitimate discrimination refers to unfavorable treatment of others based on ignorance. Discrimination, however, can also refer to discriminating between right and wrong, in which case it is an essential personal and civic activity. Conflating the two meanings of discrimination, or asserting that all negative judgments reflect prejudice, represents demagoguery. Principled opposition to homosexuality no more embodies illegitimate discrimination than does principled opposition to polyamory or adult consensual incest.

...If I love and am attracted to my brother or five people of assorted genders, why should an intolerant, prejudiced society be permitted to impose those moral views on me?

Ms. Higgins has clearly offended those in rebellion to God. I pray others will take notice, speak, and seek God's truth in His holy word. God's judgement has always come to men and women that do what is right in their own eye, and not God's.

Thankfully God is faithful even when we are not. Change your flag, your heart, and your allegiance. Pride will have no place in God's kingdom. It will never be about you, it will always be about God and His Kingship. Jesus on the cross tore down the curtain that separates us from Him. Repent, submit, and rejoice.

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