Friday, December 07, 2007

The Human Right's Campaign's (HRC) dirty laundry

Well, well, well.
The U.S. Senate aide arrested for arranging a three-way with an undercover informant and who he thought was a 13-year-old male was previously an employee with the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest GLBT rights group. Mike McHaney, 28, was fired from his job as a scheduler for Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell of Washington state within hours his arrest for attempting to sexually exploit a minor.

McHaney, who remains in federal custody without bond at least until a hearing tomorrow, was arrested by FBI agents after showing up to meet a cooperating witness and the fictional teen. Before that, McHaney worked on the 2004 presidential campaigns of Democrats John Kerry and Richard Gephardt.

Brad Luna, an HRC spokesperson, confirmed that McHaney worked as an executive scheduler for the D.C.-based gay rights group from September 2005 to May 2006.

McHaney's arrest, first reported by, was the result of an FBI sting operation launched after a cooperating witness who claimed to have traded child pornography with McHaney approached police. The informant then asked McHaney during an online chat if he would be interested in anal sex with a 13-year-old male. "I'll be there," he allegedly replied.

Court documents filed by police also indicate McHaney asked the informant to send him photographs of the teen, and asked if he had "any pubes." When told he didn't, McHaney allegedly replied, "That's hot."

Interesting. This is reminiscent of another out and proud activist's interest in young boys Nelson Garica of NG blog. No, not all 'gays' are pedophiles, but Satan is certainly never satisfied with just one camp fire in ones mind.

There is the public face the HRC & the gay christian movement, and the there is the dark hidden side.

Side A is an intoxicating mix of feel good philosophy, promises of safety, well placed cultural platitudes, and a religious veneer bathed in the coating of false love. This is the gay christian movement’s public face. Side B, the one intentionally hidden from public view, is an agressive mix of pride, arrogance, vulgarity, vengeance, and lust. This is the gay christian movement’s private face.

The Gay Left cabal must be close to a complete meltdown. After all, for three years they have been criminalizing and personally punishing gay Americans for merely not towing the liberal political line on gay policy issues.

One has to ask the following question, since it was repeated ad nauseum during the Mark Foley affair: Who knew and/or enabled Mike McHaney’s alleged child sex predatory activities?

Mike Meehan, Sen. Cantwell’s chief of staff, worked with McHaney at Kerry 2004 HQ. Did Meehan bring McHaney along to Cantwell’s office? What does Meehan know about McHaney’s history and when did he know it?

And do McHaney and Lane Hudson — revealer of all things Mark Foley – know each other? After all, they both worked for the HRC, John Kerry for President and Rep. Rodney Alexander. It stretches the imagination to think Hudson and McHaney don’t know each other. If so, what does Hudson know about McHaney’s child sex predatory ways?

Why the silence and secrecy?

Jude 4: For certain persons have crept in unnoticed, those who were long beforehand marked out for this condemnation, ungodly persons who turn the grace of our God into licentiousness and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.


Anonymous said...

Totally obsessed with homosexuals and pedophiles.

Mark said...

The two sources for this story are 'gay' supporting sites. Thus making your comment moronic. As for pedophiles and my 'obession', yeh, unlike you I think they should be locked up and some put to the death penalty. Let me guess, anonymous in NY, you like little boys?

gcmwatch said...

Hmmm just in time for the gay movie Dirty Laundry.

Why are they so silent Mark. When it was a republican, they were shouting with glee and judgement.

They have denied over and over that they are pedophile free but, I would wager that Mikey, the smiley faced gay pedophile is not the only one working for HRC et al.

nanc said...

some things are being laid bare for the rest of u.s. to decide which side of the fence we hop off on.

good job, mark.

don't allow the naysayers any foothold in your endeavors.