Thursday, June 25, 2009

The book of Job and God's Value

One question that is not often addressed about the book of Job, is the question about God's Value. We often hear about God's Justice; why does a "blameless" man suffer, but what about the Value of God in and of itself?

In the beginning of Job we are witnesses to a conversation between Satan and God. Satan is fundamentally making an accusation against God, not simply accusing Job. Satan is basically saying - 'hey God, you know there is nothing about you that's worth serving, other than man being afraid of you and man worrying that you might withhold blessing.'

Is there any reason of value enough for a person to love and serve God if God takes away everything?

Is there any reason to value God for just who He is?

If you truly know God, you will serve and praise Him in all circumstances, why?

Job 19:25 "as for me, I know my Redeemer lives," and 19:27 "and whom my eyes will see"

These verses are utterly astounding in light of the Old Testament's time period and the limited knowledge of life after death. God's sovereign power is reflected in His creation and His care for it. We have no idea, as God's answer to Job reveals, how great the forces of chaos and evil are in this world. Nor do we have the right to know God's detailed eternal plans, although we most certainly have the right and priveldge to ask Him. What we should and must know is that God is in complete control of all, and not one of His children will be snatched away. This God-Satan conversation is not a water cooler wager over what Job will do; it does however tell us human wisdom will never answer all the issues of life - only God can do that.

Our eyes, like Job's eyes, will one day see this in the presence of our creator and redeemer.

So, why value God for just who He is? He is God, and we are not.

Job 38:8-11 - in a nut shell says - The raging forces of evil and chaos are but a little baby infant that God puts a diaper on and sets in a play pen and says "stay put."

Until you recognize God's wisdom; wisdom built into creation itself (btw man is the only creature created in HIS image); you'll continue to make idols out of scarecrows, place them in your melon patch of half truths, get your neighbors to follow your lead, and you will worship a false god until it's too late.

God is in complete control, and God's gifts are never earned; and true knowledge of God is indeed a gift, His act of grace.


Marie said...

What a great post. The greatness of God is something we can never truly comprehend, but can only stand in awe of. Thanks for the reflection.

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Nicely said...I agree...

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