Monday, July 13, 2009

Homosexual man was allowed to adopt two children, allegedly for the purpose of molesting them.

Deafening silence from black leaders have a white homosexual male who admitted online that he was "into incest" and had adopted two black children (males) because they were easier to get than their white counterparts. This man was arrested for repeatedly abusing these children, he posted the attacks online because he's sick, and his alleged victims happened to be black -- but the crickets are chirping.

Mainstream media will not even report that the man is a homosexual or, in some instances, even that the children are black. They won't report that Frank Lombard had a live-in partner in a community that includes other homosexual couples with black adopted children.

Black Americans, do you wonder why our "leaders" aren't getting involved? The answer is: they can't. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton especially have aligned themselves in cause with the homosexual movement. When homosexuals began demanding civil rights and comparing their plight to that of black Americans, Sharpton agreed. (Now while it pains me to do so, I must commend Jackson for condemning this comparison.)

Sharpton and Jackson are well-known for playing the "race card" -- but in this case, which undeniably involves racism, they fold.

At its core, the horrific occurrence in North Carolina is not a black/white issue. I would be equally outraged if the adopted children were white and the details, as disgusting as they are, were brought out. But one cannot overlook the fact that a homosexual man was allowed to adopt two children, allegedly for the purpose of molesting them. The fact that the children are black made them easier to adopt, thereby leading to their victimization.


Go Share Your Faith said...

Holy Moly....

that is sickening...

No wonder I don't watch the news.

Mark said...

bro - it is crap like this that I have come so very close to stop talking about it and blogging. It is utterly depressing! I stopped watching the news at home by my wife's request.

Go Share Your Faith said...

I know what you mean.

There is an organization (I don't remember the name) that "rescues" children, infants really, from Sex rings mostly in Asian countries as I recall.

Man...Romans 1-3 anyone?

gcmwatch said...

This really exposes the evil in the hearts of the race pimps who cry wolf every time a black criminal is beaten by the cops. They only see $$$ signs. This child's situation is nothing to them. Two issues they look away from: if there are no $$$ for them to get and the homosexuals.

God help their black hearts. I mean that spiritually. And I hope this man gets sent to a very dark place for doing this to this baby.