Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Are you zealous for good works?

Source - Here to Titus, Paul makes the equally demanding point that it is not enough to merely declare that truth that Christ is a Savior who has done great things; we must be a people for whom great things He has done. A people for whom great things have been done will not be an unchanged people. And in the same way that our sinners' nature has caused us to sin, our savior's redemption and purification will cause us to love what is good, and do it.

And you, dear pastor reader, must preach this. You must teach this. And you must live this. Your people will not be perfect, but they are purified. Teach them to live because that is true.

How can we love what is good, if we still speak of a faith that does not exist, essentially living UNCHANGED lives? Think about it, pray about it, and please count the costs, ok?

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