Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Keeping Lowell and Carolyn Groff in our prayers.

Read their story about the death of their son, Russell, here. The so called gay christian movement is one coin with identical sides; to put it quite simply - it's utter evil disguised as light. Thank God His children see it for what it is, an utter lie!

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Gay blogs, and lies posted about Russell, and his parents, part one
Posted by: Carolyn on Sunday, 28th Sep, 2008
Evil, cruel, but more so, we believe, illegal……..
Posted by: Carolyn on Saturday, 13th Sep, 2008
The sparkle left Russell’s eyes…..
Posted by: Carolyn on Saturday, 13th Sep, 2008
A Day on the river with Dad…….
Posted by: Carolyn on Thursday, 11th Sep, 2008
Where the roses never fade………….
Posted by: Carolyn on Tuesday, 2nd Sep, 2008

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gcmwatch said...

Mark, thanks for this support of the Groff family. Mrs. Groff is a brave woman and God is preparing her for a critical need ministry in our country. Sometimes our pain becomes the GAIN of others for the sake of the kingdom.