Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dear Conservatives...

Conservative Bible Project - no thanks and no thanks!

Reinterpreting the Bible in order to aid any political or social viewpoint is indeed - liberalizing it!


John said...

Oh please!

The time from the first hebrew writings to the first Cannonized version was over 1,000 years with over 40 authors and books left out. Not to mention the later versions to this date.

If we were to fast forward another 1,000 years, there would be even more.

The bible is a work of fiction conglomerated over time through the false belief that a god exists, combined with the multiple changing cultures over time. It is simply successfull, not because it is a real tool, but successfull because of successfull marketing.

Worrying about the number of versions misses the point of human behavior. If you believe something is true, you will compete, borrow and steel concepts and ideas from prior cultures and surrounding cultures to sell your product.

Mark said...


You seem to have a very inaccurate understanding of not only the canonization of scripture, but the very nature of God’s word. The canon of scripture is not a bunch of books or writings that a bunch of men decided would be the Bible. The canon is what the church confirmed formally what had already been known – these are the scriptures, God’s word. By the way – the tomb was factually and historically empty, that sealed His word in case you have missed that fact. You also say if we would fast forward a thousand years there would be more – perhaps you are unaware “we” have done just that – except its been over 2000 years, and no new books. Oops!

While you may think the Bible has been successful based on marketing techniques, which is sort of funny if you think about it John. How many Bible book commercials have you seen on TV lately? You see, most folks hate the Bible because they hate God. Make no mistake, you know God, you just don’t like Him or perhaps you hate Him. Do you know what the best way to protect a Lion is? You let him out of his cage, that’s how. It is the same with God’s word. It needs not you nor I to make it what it is.

Since you claim to have some understanding of human behavior – do men often die for things they know are false? I thought not.

gcmwatch said...

I agree Mark we dont need a conservative version of the bible no more than we need a gay version.

The truth of God needs no spin.

highboy said...

John, go throw out all of your encyclopedia's then, and go back and reteach all of ancient history. Because if you're going to judge one ancient text this way than judge them all this way. Like Alexander for example, whose earliest biography was written 300 years after his death, and not found until hundreds of years after that, and with less corroborative evidence than that of the Gospels. Funny how its still taught in schools as general fact though, while guys like you have no other evidence against the Bible other than to point out how long it was between writings. Come back with something real.