Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Gay Marriage is 0 for 31!

PORTLAND, Maine- Voters in Maine have rejected an effort by lawmakers there to impose homosexual "marriage" in that state.

Gay marriage has now lost in every single state -- 31 in all -- in which it has been put to a popular vote. Gay-rights activists had hoped to buck that trend in Maine -- known for its liberal-minded electorate -- and mounted an energetic, well-financed campaign. With 87 percent of the precincts reporting, proponents of traditional marriage had 53 percent of the votes.

"The institution of marriage has been preserved in Maine and across the nation," declared Frank Schubert, chief organizer for the winning side.

Big victory for traditional marriage in Maine.


highboy said...

Good for them.

John said...

True...but the margins are getting much slimmer.
Gay marriage will happen.

Mark said...

John - you are probably correct, but Christ is still returning, His wrath will indeed happen. Consider today a gift.

highboy said...

Gay marriage may happen in various states but will never break through to even half of the 50 states. Too many people with common sense.

mantronikk said...

Anyone heard of