Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Bible and opinion

Bible - God has spoken, and His word (the Bible) is utterly clear.

Opinion - God is still speaking, and the Bible must be compared to man's new ideas and understandings.

Example: Bishop Mark Hanson of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - "the understanding we have of homosexuality today does not seem to be reflected at all in the context of the biblical writers, so let us bring our understanding of sexual orientation that has been opened up to humankind over the years to this conversation."

Please note - the Bible means what it says and says what it means. Hanson has just asked us to do the exact opposite of what God commands all men to do - believe Him.

Further Resource:
Many scholars have attempted to exegete the passages to favor their position. But the end result is either a misinterpretation of Scripture, or a rejection of Scripture's infallibility, or both. Circumvention of the passages through personal biases and forced presuppositions allows much room for contextual and exegetical misconstrual. The burden of proof lies heavily with the homosexual advocates, who are left with a Bible that unequivocally condemns homosexuality at all levels. The avenue of denying Scripture's reliability, inerrancy, and validity would seem to be the only route to follow.

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