Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear Pastors

Enough is enough.

Loose the worldly, political, save the world, make the world a better place nonsense! God has not fallen off His throne and has never for a split second lost control and has never been "consumer" driven.

God's word has never needed men (you dear pastor) to give it meaning. If you get confused, don't pull out the "Jesus said..." dance (only the red letters in your Bible) - they carry no more authority than the black lettered words you choose to ignore and distort. They both have the same author.

Stop preaching "What would Jesus do.." and start preaching "what Jesus did" - the gospel!

The gospel is sharper than any intellectual, moral, scientific, or philosophical sword you could possibly use. Don't be afraid that is it the most dangerous weapon in human history; it was specifically designed to be. Stop relying on inferior methods. (1 Cor 1:25).

If you desire to change the world, culture, lives, and behavior, preach the gospel. To do anything else in its place, is disobedience and utterly worthless.

PS. God is not pleased with your man made worldly declarations of inter-faith unity, common ground moral causes, nor your so called "world peace" plans. All such things are but a lie, a worldly lie, that await God's judgement.

Our God knows his enemies, he does not mistake them for friends, nor treat them as such. He regards iniquity as a trespass, and therefore he has not broken down the bounds of law, nor the hedges of right: there are trespasses still, and God perceives them, and notes them down, and such as go on in their trespasses are trying his longsuffering and provoking his justice. God sleeps not, neither does he wink at human sin, but calls upon all men everywhere to repent.

And it is clear too that God has the power to smite those who rebel against him. Dream not of natural laws which will screen the wicked—"He shall wound the head of his enemies." They may lift up those heads as high as they please, but they cannot be beyond the reach of his hand. He will not merely bruise their heels, or wound them on the back with blows which may be healed, but at their heads he will aim fatal blows, and lay them in the dust. He can do it, and he will.
- Charles Spurgeon

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