Saturday, January 09, 2010

Even "young" folks know crap when they hear it, thank God!

"Why We're Not Emergent: By Two Guys Who Should Be" by Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck

DeYoung writes:

"I know that some in my generation have a hard time with truth claims. But I'm convinced that there are just as many of us--Christian and not--in our postmodern world who are tired of endless uncertainties and doctrinal repaintings. We are tired of indecision and inconsistency reheated and served to us as paradox and mystery. Some of us long for teaching that has authority, ethics rooted in dogma, and something unique in this world of banal diversity. We long for Jesus--not a shapeless, formless, good-hearted ethical teacher Jesus, but the Jesus of the New Testament, the Jesus of the church, the Jesus of faith, the Jesus of two millennia of Christian witness with all of its unchanging and edgy doctrinal propositions."

"Emerging Christianity" has a big problem, even if it does ask some good questions; the answers it provides are found in places other than God's word - usually one's imagination or "we" just cannot know Truth with any certainty.

Who do you think benefits from such an approach? God or God's enemy?

God is not interested in confusion, in fact, it is the utter clarity of God's word that offends those in rebellion. That, dear reader, is a timeless Truth - not a mystery.

The coming out party

Some of us may have friends who are self professing Christians, announce one day they are are "gay." They will tell you they've know it since the were "like" six years old, and they still love God and will serve Him and tell others about Christ.

The argument seems to be, the younger one realizes they are sick in sin, then it really can't be sin. Perhaps it is just the way God made them?

They may say that no man or church will ever keep them from loving Jesus and serving Him.

What does God say about those who profess a sincerity in following Him, but do not keep His commandments? 1 John 2.

They may say they have prayed for years, asked forgiveness for many sins, fasted, and yet they remain gay.

What does God say about giving up and accepting (and in this case - celebrating) the sin in our lives? How long is long enough?

They may say - I am one of the "whosoever", and Jesus loves me the way I am - gay.

If Jesus loves us just the way we are - why does he command repentance (a 180 degree turn)?

They may say that no church should tell others how they are to be before coming to Christ.

Guess what "gay Christian" is doing now? He or she is attacking the church, blaming the church for proclaiming what God has already set forth - a Holy standard. Surly there are bad churches everywhere, but this argument is silly. A true church is obedient and under the authority of God's word; the gay christian (and or nominal christian) wants to be a christian without the obedience and authority all Christians share; God's word.

Just how far will folks go to justify their sin? When God's grace is being withdrawn, the depths are unimaginable and the gay christian coming out parties will be on the increase.

Don't miss the signs folks, you cannot love anyone into the Kingdom of God; their minds must be transformed. We must repent and believe, and "we" means everyone!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Myths and misconceptions about marriage

Ever wonder why you don’t hear gay and lesbian leaders lecturing people, “You ought to stop shacking up and get married” ?

Answer is - The homosexual advocates want marriage as an option, not as a norm. But if it’s not a norm for them, then it’s not going to be a norm for anybody else.

Please read this excellent artice by Alan Wisdom of the IRD.

Rediscovering Marriage

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Brit Hume's shining example: the darkness will always hate the Light

Washington Post columnist Tom Shales’ recent article on Brit Hume’s comments is a shining example of exactly what is wrong with a liberal minded culture.

Liberals in general, have been stuffing our nation’s youth with the False idea that absolute Truths do not exist. Perhaps Mr. Shales is just another “victim” of such a crappy education? I doubt it. God’s sheep hear His voice, those who have another father, do not.

Tom Shales writes – “Noting that Woods has referred to himself as a Buddhist, Hume knocked his fellow "Fox News" panelists for mortified loops when he dissed about half a billion Buddhists on the planet with the remark, "I don't think that faith offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith."

It sounded a little like one of those Verizon vs. AT&T commercials -- our brand is better than your brand -- except that Hume was comparing two of the world's great religions, not a couple of greedy communications conglomerates. Further, is it really his job to run around trying to drum up new business? He doesn't really have the authority, does he, unless one believes that every Christian by mandate must proselytize?

1. Either Christianity is True or it is not. Yes, “one brand” is True and the other is False.

2. Yes, it is every believers “job” to tell others about Jesus Christ. To do otherwise, would be like watching a man burn while holding a perfectly functioning fire hose.

3. Yes, a believer does have the authority and commission to “proselytize.” That authority, by the way, comes from our creator.

What is most ironic, if not moronic, is Tom Shales’ entire column is his own attempt to “proselytize” his readers to think like him; specifically convince us that all faiths are True, and the similarities in one’s faith are more important than the differences. You will please notice, he does NOT tell his readers why his view would be more logical or more reasonable. It is, as he states, just plain wrong to offend a "majority" or large number of folks, by telling them what they believe is untrue.

If what I believed was false and had eternal consequences, I'd want to know, and not a small number of Buddhists have as well. They are now believers - in the Truth (Christians).

Tom Shales demands an apology from a man who spoke the Truth – why? If Christianity is false, if Jesus Christ was not God in flesh and God’s word is not absolute truth – give us the reason why, and why we should believe you - Mr. Shales.

Tom Shales knows very well he is unqualified for such an endeavor – by the mere fact he would have to explain away two-thousand years of history. Both Jesus’ followers and His enemies attest to the fact the tomb was empty, is just one tiny obstacle.

You see, Christianity is the only faith that is True; history, science, and archaeological evidence keep giving men more and more evidence. I ask you - how much evidence do you need?

Indeed – there is something about that name “Jesus”! In fact, the Tom Shales of the world, their very own reaction, is what Jesus Christ said it would be – unbelief.

...and that my dear reader is why folks go to hell for eternity, not a lack of reasonable logical evidence!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Who do you really trust?

Here we believers are, in 2010, a time when technology can bring the words of God to almost anyone seeking - yet the number of Christians who actually read the Bible is very few. It should be noted, many folks across the world, put their very lives on the line to obtain the Bible or to simply distribute it to others. It remains the best selling book of all time, simply because it IS the power of God to transform lives – but do we really believe that?

Sadly some folks will spend hours or even days searching the words of scripture for that little snippet, that one verse, that will make their life or current situation better (a better marriage, a new car, more money, or just plain happiness). In other words, the Bible is fast becoming a “self- help” book, and we are the center of attention – not God.

Understanding what the Bible is not - may help:

It is not a moral code of do’s and don’ts.
It is not a tool to be used in a self improvement program.

You know when folks usually realize this? A time of utter crisis; death of a loved one, sickness etc... Matters of eternity spark agonizing questions for all people in crisis.

God’s word tells us the Truth about Him, ourselves, and our world. It is God, not man, which redeems, reclaims, and re-builds His family. God is always on His throne, and never for a moment not in control. He is the only thing worthy of such an eternal trust.

Take up and read – you will find Jesus Christ at the very center of both the Old and New Testaments! It is for both believer and pagan – without its Truths, there is no hope for sinner or saint.

PS "What are you doing for Jesus"? is not the gospel. What Jesus did for you – is!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Y2K10 mission statement

I have come to realize something over the years (I have a hard head) - I must cease attacking those outside the church and simply proclaim the Gospel. I have been wrong in the past to think lost folks would or should act saved, know their error, or behave in a manner which brings glory to God. My mistake, and my error. These folks are lost, they need the same thing I have received - the cleansing blood of Christ.

The greater threat to our faith comes from the seething, hateful, unbiblical, arrogant anti-Christ walls of Liberal Christianity. It is these walls I will fight to tear down so the Truth will expose and change others. Liberal Christianity is another gospel, and the pulpits are filled with men and women spewing untruths in the name of Christ.

False religion is the greatest evil on earth, I won't soon forget this.