Saturday, January 09, 2010

The coming out party

Some of us may have friends who are self professing Christians, announce one day they are are "gay." They will tell you they've know it since the were "like" six years old, and they still love God and will serve Him and tell others about Christ.

The argument seems to be, the younger one realizes they are sick in sin, then it really can't be sin. Perhaps it is just the way God made them?

They may say that no man or church will ever keep them from loving Jesus and serving Him.

What does God say about those who profess a sincerity in following Him, but do not keep His commandments? 1 John 2.

They may say they have prayed for years, asked forgiveness for many sins, fasted, and yet they remain gay.

What does God say about giving up and accepting (and in this case - celebrating) the sin in our lives? How long is long enough?

They may say - I am one of the "whosoever", and Jesus loves me the way I am - gay.

If Jesus loves us just the way we are - why does he command repentance (a 180 degree turn)?

They may say that no church should tell others how they are to be before coming to Christ.

Guess what "gay Christian" is doing now? He or she is attacking the church, blaming the church for proclaiming what God has already set forth - a Holy standard. Surly there are bad churches everywhere, but this argument is silly. A true church is obedient and under the authority of God's word; the gay christian (and or nominal christian) wants to be a christian without the obedience and authority all Christians share; God's word.

Just how far will folks go to justify their sin? When God's grace is being withdrawn, the depths are unimaginable and the gay christian coming out parties will be on the increase.

Don't miss the signs folks, you cannot love anyone into the Kingdom of God; their minds must be transformed. We must repent and believe, and "we" means everyone!

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