Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Who do you really trust?

Here we believers are, in 2010, a time when technology can bring the words of God to almost anyone seeking - yet the number of Christians who actually read the Bible is very few. It should be noted, many folks across the world, put their very lives on the line to obtain the Bible or to simply distribute it to others. It remains the best selling book of all time, simply because it IS the power of God to transform lives – but do we really believe that?

Sadly some folks will spend hours or even days searching the words of scripture for that little snippet, that one verse, that will make their life or current situation better (a better marriage, a new car, more money, or just plain happiness). In other words, the Bible is fast becoming a “self- help” book, and we are the center of attention – not God.

Understanding what the Bible is not - may help:

It is not a moral code of do’s and don’ts.
It is not a tool to be used in a self improvement program.

You know when folks usually realize this? A time of utter crisis; death of a loved one, sickness etc... Matters of eternity spark agonizing questions for all people in crisis.

God’s word tells us the Truth about Him, ourselves, and our world. It is God, not man, which redeems, reclaims, and re-builds His family. God is always on His throne, and never for a moment not in control. He is the only thing worthy of such an eternal trust.

Take up and read – you will find Jesus Christ at the very center of both the Old and New Testaments! It is for both believer and pagan – without its Truths, there is no hope for sinner or saint.

PS "What are you doing for Jesus"? is not the gospel. What Jesus did for you – is!

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Dennis said...

Mark, I truly needed this post this morning. In 2009 I changed how I approached God's Word. He responded by setting me free from a lot of pain and bondage from my past. Your post reminds me of how important His Word is as a tool in His hand as He works on me.