Saturday, January 02, 2010

Y2K10 mission statement

I have come to realize something over the years (I have a hard head) - I must cease attacking those outside the church and simply proclaim the Gospel. I have been wrong in the past to think lost folks would or should act saved, know their error, or behave in a manner which brings glory to God. My mistake, and my error. These folks are lost, they need the same thing I have received - the cleansing blood of Christ.

The greater threat to our faith comes from the seething, hateful, unbiblical, arrogant anti-Christ walls of Liberal Christianity. It is these walls I will fight to tear down so the Truth will expose and change others. Liberal Christianity is another gospel, and the pulpits are filled with men and women spewing untruths in the name of Christ.

False religion is the greatest evil on earth, I won't soon forget this.


4simpsons said...

Well said, Mark. I've made the same mistake. Why criticize non-believers for doing their job descriptions?

Mark said...

Hey man,
You should know - your patience and example with others has been a true blessing to me - thank you!

Dennis said...

Hey Mark,
May God bless your efforts as you shine His light and reveal the truth.

Mark said...

Thanks brother! You have been a blessing to me!