Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tactics - A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions

This post is long overdue – that said, I highly recommend to all my brothers and sisters in Christ to read Greg Koukl’s book Tactics!

Click here to learn more about Koukl’s ministry Stand to Reason

This book was not only extremely informative about defending the Christian worldview by utilizing a sound and skillful argument, but it was quite convicting to me personally. Believers are faced with a world that is lost, in rebellion, and separated from God; the Truth has been under attack since creation and Tactics provides a well spring of sound reasoning tactics, that will at a minimum, put a nice little “rock” in the unbeliever's shoe; giving them something they will be forced to remember as they try to live a life arguing for things they call “true” [abortion, evolution, gay marriage, atheism etc...].

If you get frustrated or angry at those who argue for irrational conclusions, built around an argument entrenched in poor logic and indefensible conclusions disguised as science or secular philosophy, this book will change your entire approach. Paul reasoned and argued with anyone he could find at the synagogues, he did not call them names or dismiss them as simply “morons” – my favorite name calling tactic; he knew better than I when that was appropriate and when it was not. Koukl’s book reminded me, I as a believer - must be obedient to God and that calls us to be ambassadors for Christ, not ambassadors of our own personal likes and dislikes. We must remember, our arguments and positions are not built on a foundation of personal opinions, but rather God’s eternal word. Science, reason, and logic are all on God's side.

The apostle Paul knew all too well, that we must spend time maturing believers, not just “winning” them. Koukl’s book does just that. When believers help each other to become reproducing disciples, we will indeed turn the word upside down (Acts 17:5-7). There are those in the world who will most assuredly reject it, but Jesus promised that His sheep will hear His voice (John 10:16; 10:27; 18:37; Rev 3:20).


Anonymous said...

Great review, Mark! I'll link to this in my next Roundup.

Mark said...

Hey Neil - thank you for the heads up on this awesome resource! I have enjoyed reading your own use of this book responding to many others; you have set a great example bro.

Brian said...

Thanks for posting this review. I have read when it came out a year ago and loved it.

But the reason I was happy to read your review is because I have ordered a batch for a small group study. My other first choice book wasn't available and I was deliberating as to whether or not I should just use Koukl's. I went ahead and ordered 30 of them.

Well, reading your review really put my mind at ease that, yes, this book is one that can really have an impact. I look forward to working through it in a group study.

Mark said...

Hi Brian,
I think you have made a wise choice indeed! I also plan to use this book as a group study at church; Greg does a great job of making complicated issues an opportunity to share the faith verses running from them. May God bless your study group and thanks for the comment.