Friday, February 19, 2010

The World vs. the Kingdom

A great commentary by KyleA over ar GCMW!

If folks in your own church keep asking you why you are so concerned about the acceptance of homosexuality in the church, read this! Unfortunately, many self professing believers adhere to (love) the world's systems rather than God's Kingdom. Too many "love is never wrong" think the ones who speak up against such a worldliness, are more of a threat to the church, than the world's systems and beliefs creeping into the church. A worldly "love" is in fact, no love at all.

Make no mistake, the two (God's way and the World's way) are at opposite ends of the pole and will be in utter conflict until Christ returns to gather His sheep. You either belong to Him, or you belong to the world. (James 4:4)

John 3:17- "For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him."

Remember - the world was condemned already, so of course Jesus did not come to condemn it.

Homosexuality a sign of corporate decay

When addressing homosexuality, I believe the Bible uses that particular sin in the “corporate” sense meaning that when a group or society practices and/or accepts homosexual conduct as normal its a sign of complete moral decay.

Homosexuality is not necessarily greater or less than any other specific sin regarding individuals, but is rather a mark a society has completely broken down in EVERY matter of sin when homosexuality is engaged in accepted corporately. Romans 1:18-32 comes to mind.

I believe that there is particular emphasis given to homosexuality because essentially it attacks the very foundation of the creation of man. Man was created in the very image of God with the divine mandate to marry and bear children. This command is still in full effect. In this same gender sexual activity literally attacks the foundation of the scripture Genesis 1:1-28. In essence, if you can destroy the beginning you can destroy the future promise.

Homosexuality (and homosexual marriage) is a physical mockery of the spiritual marriage of Christ as the bridegroom and his Church as the bride. Such mockery has the potential to destroy the future promise if you disprove the beginning.

Now when I say “destroy” I’m not speaking of the literal sense because ALL things will come to pass. What I’m saying is that when a society in the corporate sense accepts homosexuality they are in essence attempting to destroy the foundation AND the promise, hence EVERYTHING in between.

In summary the Corporate acceptance homosexuality is a direct mockery of the foundations of creation. Therefore, the Corporate acceptance/engaging of homosexuality is a spiritual rejection of Creation in Genesis through Promise of consumantion in Revelation via physical homosexual activity.

In my summation it would then appear that these homosexual groups/movements are not merely “confused” but are antichrist in their intent, whether cognizant or not, on destroying Christ and his Church. This is why no believer should ever sanction or agree with any entity –whether secular or religious– that declares homosexuality to be an acceptable sexual expression in the eyes of God.

Finally, let me clearly state that this is NOT in any way shape or form an indictment on “individual” homosexuals. They like any other sinner need to repent, believe and turn away from their sin. Their individual sin(s) are no greater than anyone else’s. It is rather my opinion on the movement in the aggregate sense and its implications on biblical faith and why so much emphasis is directed towards that particular sin.


Dennis said...

I think a similar argument could be made for all sexual immorality. Thus the "mockery" and destruction began when society accepted things like shacking up as a cultural norm.

Mark said...

I agree Dennis. It is our "worliness" in action.