Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Sexual orientation" - does the Bible even address this?

From gay christian movement watch: Click to read entire article! It is a must read!

What’s the intent of the term’s current usage?

The introduction of the phrase “sexual orientation” marked a watershed moment in our society. Finally homosexual activists and their allies had something in which they could conveniently insert just about any feeling or sexual behavior and call it “orientation”. It is an intentionally broad term because of the growing expressions of perversion needed a home and this provided it.

Planned Parenthood tells teens that “sexual orientation is the term used to describe whether a person feels sexual desire for people of the other gender, same gender, or both genders.”
The conventional gay wisdom is that you are what you feel. And no one can tell you what you feel is wrong for you. Typical postmodernist relativity stuff. As I asked a young gay man once who vigorously asserted to me that since he “felt” gay from the age of two, it was proof he actually was gay. I asked him if he’d felt like a pig since he was age two what would he be right now? Its silliness that doesn’t even qualify as logic.

You might be astonished to know that this type of shallow, illogical relativity has literally become “scientific” evidence upon which laws in this country are passed.

What implications does it have on the church?

Its dangerous and unbiblical for the church to adopt and include terms as “sexual orientation”. If the concept is biblical, then there is only one legitimate sexual orientation. God created man and oriented him sexually, emotionally and relationally to the woman. Thus any other attraction, emotion, feeling, behavior or the likes is illegitimate as it is rooted in fallen sinful nature.

Inclusion of such destructive terms continue to set the church at odds the divine plan of redemption. If sin can be justified with clever new phrases and “scholars” who sanctify the clever new phrases what will be the church’s message?

If our core message is not that man is hopelessly degenerate apart from the repentance and remission of sin, what is it that we will be teaching and preaching. Self help? Im ok, youre ok? All you need is a hug? No! Our core message is what distinguishes us from every other religion because it is the express reason Jesus Christ came, suffered, died and rose again. If we allow outside influences to dilute or change that message in the slightest, we stand to lose our identity.


John said...

Does it even matter?

Mark said...

It depends on who you ask. Some people, and I would hope this includes yourself, want to know if what they believe is true or false. If Jesus was who He said He was, then following His word matters to some folks. Therefore to anyone who loves the Truth - yes it does matter.

gcmwatch said...

Does what matter?

The gay community sells their souls on it.

Its their foundational thesis for most every other assertion they make about law, society, education in respect to their "rights".

You ask does it matter?

Oh btw thanks for posting this Mark!

John said...

To the good gay pastor. Read the headline...look at my post...connect the dots.

I don't think it matters to most people, gay or straight, whether the bible mentions sexual orientation. It's a big "so what".

Does that help?

Mark said...

Saying it is a "big so what" defies the overwhelming evidence. The whole idea of “sexual orientation” saturates the entire homosexual community. They live and die by it and want the rest of the world to do so as well.

Lastly, I have already addressed why believers care, therefore, if you are an unbeliever - I nor anyone else would expect you to care.

gcmwatch said...

John someone could easily ask do you matter.

I wonder what your answer would be to that.