Wednesday, May 19, 2010

D.C. Mayor Apologizes For Appreciating Work For Ex-Gays

It appears that ex-gays are not included in the people that D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D) wishes to be in his "inclusive" city.

For more: The Washington Post Article: Click Here and The PFOX Web Site and article: Click Here

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Confused said...

Ummmm, here's what I don't get - "ex-gay" by it's very meaning, is "straight" and therefore already included. So here's the deal, either these people are gay or they are straight.

Debra J.M. Smith said...

Dear "Confused,"

This is really not that confusing. A person who once lived the life of a homosexual and no longer lives that life-style, is an "ex-gay." But not all "straights" are "ex-gays." Hence, "ex-gays" have something in common with each other, that others do not have with them. This makes them a group of their own.

Here is another way to look at it:

All ex-gays are "straight."
NOT all "straights" are ex-gays.

Informing Christians

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Mark said...


I am not that fond of the term "ex-gay." Nonetheless, it has a meaning to most folks in our culture and a post modern mindset that dominates our culture these days. That said, I think a better understanding or description would be a delivered and or healed person. People who have same sex attractions that do not desire them can and do change. DC Mayor Fenty obviously views those who help them unworthy. He prefers to celebrate that which destroys the body physically and also spiritually; same sex relationships. Those who disagree are his opponents; they are the ones who he is unwilling to include. There is really no confusion about that.