Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Homophobia" & the Truth that must be suppressed

Any "phobia" is suppose to be irrational, and at best, just not normal. So if folks desire to suppress the Truth; that being homosexual relations are NOT harmless and those that oppose such relations are NOT irrational or abnormal - what shall they do?

Well... call it a "phobia" of course!

As Christians, True followers of Christ Jesus, we have found ourselves in a new age (only about 40 years ago) that is now not only willing to "accept" those who have same sex attractions ('cause we are a loving people), but willing and ready to celebrate such relationships. Put the long arm of the law behind such a new "system" of thought and reason, and BOOM! You're now the enemy; abnormal and irrational.

Unfortunately, for the True followers of Christ, we now have the media darlings: The Westboro Baptist Church to deal with (which is NOT a church, much less Christian). It is basically a family, an extended family, that has captured the essence of what the "new age" system has already determined and concluded about those folks who say homosexual relations are harmful, wrong, and a complete perversion; irrational and abnormal.

Maybe that's why they get more media time than say... Dr. John McArthur, R.C. Sproul, Albert Mohler etc...

Lest you think I am being "irrational" or paranoid, there are already folks experiencing the new age system's long arm of the law.

God hates sin and His wrath burns against ALL who suppress the Truth in unrighteousness (Westboro folks more especially than those that are gripped by sin's subtle slavery!)

There is one person that every human on these planet needs to know; Christ Jesus and what He has done for you! That my friend is neither irrational nor abnormal, it will only be so to those who suppress the Truth, and it is these folks who will perish eternal damnation, not the sinner (you and I) who have been to the foot of the cross and been washed clean by His blood.

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