Saturday, October 22, 2011

15 Inspiring LGBT Religious Leaders...?

As usual the Huffington Post is systematically staying right on mission:  Shaping the culture into a mind-set where black is white, and evil is good.    
Reflecting and shaping the culture in which it is embedded, religion has historically been hostile to LGBT-identified people and communities. However, over the last three decades more denominations, congregations and individuals have come out in support of honoring the full humanity of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered people. Today, hundreds, if not thousands, of religious communities are truly places of celebration, healing and hope for all people.

This initial list of 15 ground breaking individuals is just a sampling of the many LGBT religious leaders who have reclaimed religious traditions and communities. We hope that you will use the feature on this slideshow to add gay religious leaders who you feel should be included. Meanwhile, we thankfully acknowledge the ongoing contributions of these inspiring religious leaders.
This is so egregiously false, it is difficult easy to believe they actually wrote this. "Reclaimed" they say?  This would only be possible if one is willing to re-write the entirety of history and deny historical fact.  Apparently, the folks at AOL and the Huffington Post will do just that. 

The only way to celebrate sin, is in fact to hate the Jesus of scripture, or of course - re-write His words.  

A terrible warning to us all - Yes, - "God gave them over." Romans 1:24.

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