Thursday, February 09, 2012

Pastors: Are You Guilty of Gospel Sabotage?

Here are some signs that you may be sabotaging the gospel in your church:

Those who sit under your preaching regularly describe their salvation in the first person (I believed in Jesus, I asked Jesus into my heart, I had faith) and not in the third person (God redeemed me, God declared me righteous, Christ died for me).

Your people are under the impression that the greatest commandment & the golden rule are the collective centerpieces of Christian ethics and not the Gospel which saved them from the consequence of having failed both. (P.A.)

Your sermons contain five things to do, but omit the one person they can turn to when they fail to accomplish the five things to do.

When you preach from the OT people see their need to emulate the lives of Abraham, Moses and David, but never realize that Abraham, Moses and David needed the righteous life of Christ.

You’re people are angry at the unsaved for being unsaved.
You’re people mistake mercy for “Thank God I’m not like others”, rather than “How could God save someone like me?”

Your people think the Church is the enemy.

Your people think the lost are the enemy.

If asked What is the Gospel? your people can only describe what it’s not.

Your people think it’s uncharacteristic of Christians to confess their sin and weakness.

If your sermon were preached in a Jewish synagogue no one would object. The chances are good that you will be invited back for a series on developing a Christian worldview and you would find this encouraging. (S.W.S)

Your people have notes in their Bible, but no clue what (or who) it’s about.

Your people are excited about the potential for a more fulfilling life, but can’t get excited about the righteous life of Jesus.

Your people think the goal of the church is to hang on until Jesus gets back.

When under conviction your people consistently flee to the Law (“I’ll do better”) and not to Christ (“It is finished”).

Your people are impressed with your study habits, sermon outlines, exegesis and delivery, but not with your Savior.

Jesus would interrupt your sermon and object because you consistently contradict his message by demanding a change in behavior without pointing out the need for a change of heart.

–Byron Yawn

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