Monday, October 14, 2013

The Current Showdown in Congress - Dr. Stan Murrell

As a Christian, I confess to looking at world events through the presuppositional teachings of the Word of God. As a realist, I understand there are ideologies that drive men to do what they do. Specifically, I comprehend that the current president, along with the Moderates, Liberals, and the Clueless, in Congress, are driven by an ideologue that is best known as Secular Humanism. There are at least five pillars to this philosophy.

Scientific naturalism (which is a clever cover for atheism or agnosticism). According to this worldview, science is the only reliable path to knowledge. The scientific method is the most respected means for revealing the mysteries of life and origins of the universe.

Evolution. The secular humanist wants people to believe mankind evolved from a lower species to form the rational being he is now. But that would require a miracle. In fact, it would require several miracles. “The miracles required to make evolution feasible, are far greater in number, and far harder to believe than the miracle of creation” (Dr. Richard Bliss, “It Takes A Miracle for Evolution”).

Amorality. The secular humanist demands there are no moral judgments made, and then the secular humanist will proceed to make moral judgments. The amoral person denies a Bible-based morality and is completely without a conscience awareness of God. Because the conscience is seared, it is easy to be inhumane to others. Euthanasia and genocide are acceptable behaviors, along with abortions, sexual immorality, and homosexuality. What does it matter that the hallmarks of amorality is disease, discouragement, and death?

Autonomous man. Man longs to be independent of God in order to govern himself. Men think of themselves as god-like, with unlimited goodness and potential. In reality, man is a depraved creature, selfish and cruel, and in desperate need of regeneration. If man is really good, then it ought to be reflected in daily life. But pick up a newspaper in any country in the world and see if the goodness of man is on display, or his total depravity.

Global socialism. Since the Tower of Babel, man has been trying to unite in rebellion against God. Secular Humanist love big government, which they call world government. Little do they realize they are merely pawns in the grip of their father, the devil, who is in revolt against God, and wants to be like Him. The assumption is that government is good, and the more there is of government, the better everyone will be. History shows us that excessive government destroys the individuals initiative and God given right to pursue life, liberty, and personal happiness. Freedom has always been enjoyed in reverse proportion to the size and scope of government dominating the individual’s life. When there is less government, there are more personal freedoms. The failures of global socialism are documented in the evil empires of Russia, China, and in the failed nations in Eastern Europe, Africa, Cuba, and the Welfare State in America.

While America is being fundamentally transformed by a president who is a Secular Humanist, and assisted by a willing Congress, with many members of the same ideological persuasion, the church is called upon to be different, and not become a captive to the philosophy of Secular Humanists.

Colossians 2:8, “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.”

According to Paul, the Secular Humanist deceives others. How many deceptive statements has the nation heard about the Affordable Care Act, the National Security Agency, and Benghazi?

According to Paul, the thinking of the Secular Humanist is grounded in man, and not in God, and divine revelation.

Finally, according to Paul, the thinking of the Secular Humanist is framed by the rudiments, the principles of the world, and not after Christ.

The word of exhortation to the church is simply this: “Beware.” Do not be deceived. Do not embrace the philosophy of a president and a Congress that is hostile to Christ but in love with themselves.

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